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Yulia Voznesenskaya, R.D.H.

We are delighted to have Yulia on our team as a highly skilled hygienist. Originally from Siberia, Russia, Yulia obtained her doctorate degree in dentistry with a specialization in orthodontics. Her warm and approachable personality, combined with her no-nonsense attitude, ensures that she will thoroughly remove every trace of plaque and tartar during your cleaning, leaving your teeth and gums feeling revitalized and healthy.

Anjila Yadav, RDA

We are thrilled to have Anjila as a valued member of our BTD team. Initially, she joined us during her externship, and her exceptional performance impressed us greatly, leading us to invite her to stay on as our Treatment Coordinator. Anjila is committed to ensuring that our supplies are consistently well-stocked and that your time in the dental chair is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. With her expertise, you can relax knowing that your visit will be a seamless and stress-free experience.

Carmen Tajalle

Carmen and her family discovered BTD during their search for a dentist. Having prior experience in a dental office and currently employed at a medical office, Carmen now serves as our Patient Coordinator.   Her role involves scheduling appointments and collaborating with your insurance provider to ensure you have a clear understanding of your benefits. Carmen is committed to assisting you in navigating your insurance coverage and coordinating your treatment in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. With Carmen as part of our team, you can relax knowing that your visit will be a pleasant and worry-free experience. ​ When she's not at the office, Carmen enjoys spending time with her husband Ken and their three sons. ​ ​

Gyani Barata, RDA aka "Gigi"

Gyani Marie, a native of Venezuela, has a deep passion for her profession as a registered dental assistant, dedicated to ensuring the well-being of your teeth. With Gigi as a valuable member of our team, she is committed to providing you with an exceptional experience during your visit. ​ Gigi places great significance on family and eagerly looks forward to reuniting her parents in the United States in the near future.   When she's not assisting patients with their dental needs, Gigi takes pleasure in cooking and traveling, using these activities as a means to break away from the monotony of everyday life and rejuvenate herself.

Alemitu West, RDA

aka "Ali"

Ali, who previously worked as a full-time registered dental assistant at BTD, has recently returned after the COVID-19 pandemic, helping out on some Saturdays. 


She takes great pride in her responsibility to ensure that your visit is seamless and enjoyable.

Outside of work, Ali cherishes moments spent with her young son, Mateos. She also finds joy in cooking her delightful native Ethiopian cuisine and embarking on travel adventures to explore new places.

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